Objective: Create an ad campaign for any museum in the world. Redesign the logo and create brand standards to be used in the campaign.
Concept: This new identity for the Louvre focuses on encapsulating the history of museum within the logo mark. The new mark had to represent French beauty, elegance, and fine art, all while maintaining a sense of timelessness. The ad campaign is focused on bringing the art in the Louvre and its new mark to light. This is achieved by blending the new mark with classical French artworks in a campaign series that sings: fine art. The message behind the campaign is 'The Louvre and its artwork, no matter how varied, are one.' From a marketing standpoint, the intent is for the campaign to ingrain the new mark into viewers by repetitive visual stimulation. This will create a link between the physical Louvre pyramid landmark and campaign viewers to increase museum visitors.
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