Animated Quote
Objective: choose a quote and illustrate its meaning by creating an animation. 
Concept: the humor of Neil deGrasse Tyson's quote allowed for a playful interpretation of the ill use of resources on our planet. Saul Bass' use of paper in movie posters was a major inspiration in this project. Excluding the typography, every element was hand-crafted and scanned for use.
Created with Adobe After Effects
Animated Word
Objective: choose a word and illustrate its meaning by creating an animation. This assignment allowed the exploration of time and movement, and how that affects the expression of a word.
Concept: the most simple optical illusions make use of a black and white color scheme. Red was used to create high contrast, accentuating the phonetic spelling. The use of time displacement created a shatter effect, further emphasizing the "distortion" aspect in the word's definition.
Created with Adobe After Effects
Augmented Reality Poster
Objective: In the evolving field of visual communication, designers create solutions for print and digital media. There is a growing need for investigation into how they can be partnered in more dynamic ways. It is also increasingly important for you to learn how to convey messages to target audiences through cross-promotional forms of communication. One way to connect print and digital mediums is through vision-based augmented reality that allow for more dynamic means of relating a message and content.
Concept: This motion graphic was inspired by Otl Aicher and his iconic pictogram designs for the 72' olympics. The initial cycling scene features the traditional red sun of Japan in the form of the olympic logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Looming in the background is Mount Fuji, another icon of Japan. The video footage, a spirited promotional video for Tokyo's initial acceptance as the next Olympic location, features scenery around Japan, and anime clips as pop culture references. The alpha matte technique was used throughout the video footage to display various olympic events, as well as to maintain the sense of seamlessness and dynamic effect.
Created with Adobe After Effects
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